COVID-19: NERC Suspends the Planned Increase in End User Electricity Tariffs

Electricity Tariffs

Sequel to its issuance of the minor review of the Multi-Year Tariff Order 2015 and the Minimum Remittance Order for the year 2020 in December 2019 (the Minor Review Orders), the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC or the Commission) on 31 March 2020 issued the “Order on the Transition to Cost Reflective Tariffs in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry” (the Transition Tariff Order or the Order), pursuant to its powers to determine the tariff for electricity across the electricity industry value chain, as provided for by the Electric Power Sector Reform Act 2005 (EPSRA).

Prior to the issuance of the Transition Tariff Order, the Commission had set the wheels in motion to effect an increase in end-user tariff chargeable by the distribution companies (DisCos) from 1 April 2020, in response to applications made to the Commission for the extraordinary review of their tariff regimes under MYTO 2015 methodology, in accordance with the provisions of MYTO, as well as the Commission’s Regulations on Procedure for Electricity Tariff Reviews in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (the Tariff Review Regulations).

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