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About us

We are first, a client-service business, so for us, it is always about client satisfaction. 

Client satisfaction is our primary business at Olaniwun Ajayi and this holds true throughout the entire firm. We realize that our rich history and accomplishments are not the only reasons our clients choose us and so we continue to invest in understanding and satisfying our clients’ needs. This approach helps us continue to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations in all we do.


More about Olaniwun Ajayi, the leading law firm in Nigeria.

Nigeria’s leading law firm

We realize that our legal accomplishments are not just the reason why our clients choose us and so every day, we are investing heavily in understanding and in satisfying our client’s every need.

With experience spanning over five decades in helping governments, organizations and individuals overcome commercial and regulatory challenges, we have developed the depth and technical expertise that enables us to assist our clients to birth revolutionary ideas, products, or navigate complex and sophisticated commercial transactions.

Our track record of involvement in some of the market-defining transactions in the country and a clientele comprising some of the biggest players in the Nigerian economy, provides us with unique perspectives and relationships which we routinely deploy to our clients’ advantage.