About Us

About Us

Our Clients and Us

We are first, a client-service business and then a law firm and for us it is always about client-satisfaction. Client satisfaction is big business at Olaniwun Ajayi and this holds true throughout the entire Firm. We realize that our legal accomplishments are not just the reason why our clients choose us and so every day, we are investing heavily in understanding and in satisfying our client’s every need.

Who we are

We are one of Africa’s outstanding full-service law firms with offices in major commercial centers across Nigeria. From the outset, the Firm has built-in, a reputation for excellence, superior legal work and bespoke client service. We have stayed true to the legacy of our founding fathers and in a rapidly changing world, we are determined to be the trusted adviser to government and to both local and international corporates on their most important transactions. With experience spanning a period of over five decades in helping governments, organizations and individuals overcome commercial and regulatory challenges, Olaniwun Ajayi has become the go-to law firm when companies are thinking of embarking on a new and revolutionary idea, product or process, and for complex and sophisticated commercial transactions. This fact is borne out by our track record of involvement in some of the market-defining transactions in the country and a clientele base consisting of the biggest contributors in the commanding heights of the Nigerian economy. Business savvy and resourceful, our standing in the African commercial space is borne out of a continuous pursuit of knowledge, our uncanny ability to think ahead and simplify otherwise complex ideas, our ability to push boundaries and communicate our ideas clearly and in a relatable manner, and our ability to leverage on our network to cut through bureaucracy. Our clients choose again and again because of our commitment to all these and also because we have stayed humble, compassionate and are easy to work with. Today, we are 12 Partners, 1 Managing Associate 11 Senior Associates, and 43 Associates. In all, 78 of the choicest and most technically- qualified lawyers across offices in major commercial centers across Nigeria bound together by a singular passion to help corporates overcome legal, commercial and regulatory challenges.

How We Add Value

Commerciality of legal advice is that constant and unbending refrain that lies at the foundation of our practice. In addition to an unrelenting emphasis on a mastery of the technical aspects of the law, when we work, we aim to provide the kind of legal advice which helps our clients maximize their profitability. We do this by putting in place structures that help us understand not only our client’s issues but also the economic, political and commercial context in which those issues arise. Our primary objective in all this is to ensure that we deliver the kind of legal advice that helps our clients achieve their objectives, reach their goals and outcomes in a timely and cost effective manner. Our work has consistently earned us first tier ratings from leading and independent commentators.

Our processes are heavily dependent on technology and adaptation of new technology processes that help us better serve our clients. Our founding and senior partners recognize that technology has the potential of better and more efficient service to client and have put in place technology-enabled approach to managing legal processes from the start. Our commitment to technology driven process earned us the award for the most technology driven law firm in Nigeria. Today, we are constantly finding better ways to process and analyze the amount of information/documentation that we collect thereby allowing our people to be able to not only store information in a safe manner but also share information and complete assignments in a manner that completely defies geography and at a speed that is uncommon. Today, the Firm is entirely cloud-driven and has in place some of the most up-to-date document and transaction management softwares.

Our Core Values

Our core values define who we are and are how we exceed the expectations of our clients. While we have evolved over the years, we are proud of our heritage and have remained true and continue to uphold and refine the core values underpinning our success.

Humility: Humility for us means, paying attention to detail, listening, putting ourselves in our client’s shoes. We don’t assume that we know it all and we are humble enough to admit that. So we are constantly learning, widening our field of experience at every opportunity. We are humble about our achievements too, because we realize that they can only serve as catalysts to achieving more.

Integrity: Integrity is the bedrock of our practice. We will not cut corners. Our word will always be our bond. We will always honour agreements and will always uphold the highest ethical standards.

Passion: We are a passionate people. We are passionate about solving commercial, legal and regulatory challenges and creating tangible value. When we hire, we look for people who are not just technically sound but for people who also share the passion for solving others’ problems. We are passionate about Nigerian companies going global. We are passionate about supporting global corporates to expand their reach in Africa. We are passionate about excellent legal work.

Creativity: In a market that is highly precedent driven, an innovative approach to work is how we ensure that our client gets value for money and keep coming back. Even if we have done it a hundred times, we approach it differently every time. We don’t assume outcomes. Even though we draw from our experience on similar assignments, each client is as different to us as each assignment, and so, we treat each transaction and challenge differently and based on the expressed outcomes and peculiar sensitivities. Every week, we are brainstorming legal issues across practice areas and tapping into decades of experience and personal networks of our founding and most senior partners.  

People Driven: We believe that a law firm is only truly great when it consistently recognizes and rewards the hard work and effort that its people put into their work. And so, we believe in our people. We invest in our people. We support our people and reward personal initiative and are constantly seeking for ways to provide more opportunities for our people whilst also making work at Olaniwun Ajayi more comfortable. We are a team people. We work together in packs that engender a collegiate approach which ensures that for every assignment we have the right assortment of people and skills to fit each client’s peculiar needs.