Celebrating 61 Years of Excellence at Olaniwun Ajayi LP!

To mark the 61st anniversary and Founder’s Day of Olaniwun Ajayi LP, a milestone we are commemorating with great joy, our team members across our offices have shared significant reasons why they enjoy working at Olaniwun Ajayi LP.

We invite you to peek into what happens at Olaniwun Ajayi through the eyes of #TEAMOALP.

“I value the dynamic, fast-paced nature of our work, where excellence and prompt delivery are the norm.”

  • Owolabi Madehinlo, Practice Executive, Lagos

“What I enjoy about working at Olaniwun Ajayi is the conducive environment, camaraderie, compassion, and love across Business Units within the Firm.”

  • Ismail Balogun, Associate, Port-Harcourt

“On my birthday this year, tenants in the Abuja office surprised me by gifting me something. It made me feel special. Another really special moment was when I had to argue a notice of opposition matter at the Trademarks Registry in Abuja, it was special because it gave me the opportunity to utilise my advocacy skills, although it was unplanned. I like that we get an opportunity to do the groundwork. For most processes, I get to do first drafts and I partake in the matters from commencement until completion. I also like that we have knowledge-sharing sessions in our BUs and the office at large. This helps us understand different areas of law, which is important as a young lawyer in this profession. In terms of impact on my career, I would say that OALP has made me confident in my abilities.”

  • Hillary Ojeke, Associate, Abuja.

“At Olaniwun Ajayi, I have been blessed with excellent teams year in and year out – amiable, respectful, great team spirit, committed, loving, caring. It keeps me coming to work. I love working in person from the office.”

  • Toyosi Alabi, Partner, Lagos

“How OALP metamorphized from a small office in Lagos Island to an international Law Firm in Banana Island, having branches in Abuja, Port Harcourt, and London is remarkable as well as being here to witness the growth.”

  • Tony Akparobi, Secretary, Lagos

“I have learned a lot regarding my duties in OALP. It has impacted me positively.”

  • Dominic Atsen, Litigation Clerk, Abuja

“In our 61st year, the distinction of being named African Law Firm of the Year is a testament to Olaniwun Ajayi’s excellence. My over two decades at the firm have seen it evolve in parallel. I am truly proud of our unwavering focus on people and clients, making this firm an exceptional place to work. Today, we proudly stand as Nigeria’s largest law firm and the 10th largest in Africa.”

  • Wolemi Esan, Deputy Managing Partner, Lagos

“I appreciate the growth, unity, and genuine support within our team, especially from Business Services, as it has fostered my personal and career development. One special memory is the OABD Summit and the interaction and fun all through the event. I value the members of staff, particularly the business services staff, and the genuine care and support they present. There’s an understanding of unity and togetherness and an unwritten doctrine of one for all and all for one.”

  • Tomisin Fabeku, Graphics Designer, Lagos

“My interview at OALP was quite intriguing. I’ll never forget that day, and it remains a special day in my heart. The confidence reposed in you and the opportunity to express yourself, even as a junior is remarkable.”

  • Olabisi Makanjuola, Partner, Lagos

“The intellectual rigour, meaningful work, pragmatic leadership, and our penchant for excellence at OALP. The excellence displayed during the 60th-anniversary preparations.”

  • Ayodeji Oyewunmi, Assistant Manager, Business Services, Lagos

“Working at Olaniwun Ajayi (OA) has been a transformative experience, primarily due to the well-structured environment that fosters interconnectedness among departments. From the dedicated cleaners to the proficient branding unit and the diligent lawyers, the synergy among the various teams is remarkable. This cohesive structure ensures the seamless execution of duties, creating an environment conducive to productivity and growth.  One of the most enjoyable aspects is the firm’s culture of prioritizing the expansion of legal knowledge. OA’s commitment to enhancing the skills and expertise of its lawyers is commendable. The ample opportunities for learning and professional development have been instrumental in my career growth.  In the short time since leaving school, my tenure at OA has significantly impacted my career trajectory. The exposure to diverse and complex legal transactions within a few months has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. The hands-on experience and the guidance provided by seasoned professionals have not only broadened my practical understanding but also instilled a sense of confidence in dealing with intricate legal matters.  OA’s well-structured framework and emphasis on continuous learning have been pivotal in shaping my career. The immersive experience within this esteemed firm has been a catalyst for my professional development, providing a solid foundation for my future endeavors in the legal field.”

  • Favour Onyekere, Graduate Trainee, Lagos

“My special OALP memory is our 60th-anniversary celebrations and market-defining transactions we work on.”

  • Olamide Obajimi, Managing Associate, Lagos

“I’ve personally grown in my chosen career at OALP, and I will always cherish my memories of our 2019 Christmas Party.”

  • Akinrelere Oluwatoyosi, Librarian, Lagos

“The beautiful relationships I have made here at OALP, and the drive for excellence have sure helped improve my work ethic and my desire for excellent work.”

  • Joshua Ayanda, Associate, Lagos

“Starting my legal career at OALP has set the stage for an impactful journey for me in law. The quality of work one has access to, and the quality of professionals interacted with daily is second to none. My special memory was when the IP/ELM team got me a birthday gift on my birthday in 2022.”

  • Adediran Adesokan, Associate, Lagos

“My colleagues at OALP make my work easy and keep me going whenever I am down. The day my supervisor sent me an unexpected WhatsApp message praising me and acknowledging my good work remains a special memory for me.”

  • Taofik Atolagbe, Senior Finance Analyst, Lagos

“I have special memories of the people I have met and come across throughout my journey at OALP. I like the stability the Firm provides.”

  • Onyemaechi Onyekpa, IT Senior Manager, Lagos

“There is this confidence and high esteem that being in OALP, a tier 1 Law Firm affords me. I can only say that my experience so far has shaped me positively. I enjoy and admire the nature of transactions and the wealth of experience from colleagues, especially partners. Certainly, in a star OA, I can only keep aiming for the moon.”

  • Theo Eke, Associate, Lagos

“I cherish the time spent working and hanging out with my NYSC colleagues at OALP. The nature of transactions and mandates we engage in are often industry defining.”

  • Tayo Fabusiwa, Associate, Lagos

“I like the quality of work we do here at OALP. It has impacted significantly on my knowledge base.”

  • Damilola Olukeye, Associate

“The intellectually stimulating work at OALP and high-caliber colleagues continuously push me to expand my skills and knowledge. Working on complex, cutting-edge tasks alongside extremely sharp professionals has accelerated my professional growth.”

  • Jumoke Banjoko, Practice Executive, Lagos

“Collaborating with distinguished individuals and working on impactful transactions have been pivotal moments in my career at OALP.”

  • Damilola Salawu, Partner, Lagos

“Passion for excellence, diverse work exposures, and a client-centric approach at OALP has made me more solution-oriented and assists me to think without a box.”

  • Oluwatosin Obafemi, Senior Accounts Officer, Lagos


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