COVID-19: Health Insurance and Life Cover for Frontline Health Workers

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As the COVID-19 pandemic ravages the world, governments, healthcare institutions, private companies and individuals globally are responding with all available resources. We have seen significant sums of money and relief materials donated by Nigerian companies and HNIs, in addition to private fundraising efforts by non-governmental organisations and other persons. Others have donated medical supplies while stimulus programmes and schemes are being put in place to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on people and businesses.

A major concern, amid the crisis, is the sacrifice being made by healthcare professionals and the health hazards they are exposed to in the course of their work. Some of the hazards that frontline health workers are exposed to are exposure to infection, psychological stress, fatigue, occupational burnout, stigma, and physical and psychological violence.

All over the world, the issue of health and life insurance cover for frontline health workers has become topical, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Governments and private companies acknowledge the need and are seeking means to provide insurance cover for these medical personnel. Nigeria has not been left out in these efforts and major strides have been made by the government and private sector in the past few weeks towards providing insurance cover for health workers.

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