Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Considerations in Nigeria – Chambers Global Practice Guide 2023

We are delighted to be a contributing firm to the ESG Guide with Chambers Global Practice Guides 2023. Our commentary was written by Abisola Odeinde, Wonuola Abioye, Abasi-Akara Edet, Abubakar Galandanci, and Zion Odinaka, who are members of our ESG/Power & Infrastructure Practice Group.

This guide covers the evolving landscape of environmental regulations in Nigeria, as exemplified by the Climate Change Act (CCA) 2021, the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA) 2021, and the Energy Transition Plan (ETP) 2022, which presents both significant opportunities and challenges for enterprises, while offering a framework for improving ESG performance, enhancing stakeholder relationships, and attracting responsible investments.

We have examined in this guide, ESG Trends, and ESG Investing, in addition to the challenges and risks of ESG considerations in Nigeria. This guide provides valuable insights for anyone interested in sustainable investments in Nigeria.


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