Mergers, Acquisitions and Private Equity (MAPE) Outlook 2024

Despite the uncertainty heralded by the 2023 general elections and the projected economic downturn which consequently resulted in a slowdown of deals in the market, 2023 was nevertheless an eventful year in the ever-evolving world of M&A and private equity in Nigeria.

The market was impacted by various legislative, regulatory and economic policies which were enacted and/or enforced in the course of the year, and witnessed the closing of some significant and landmark transactions across key sectors of the Nigerian economy, ranging from acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, secondary sales, management buy-outs, joint-ventures, share buy-backs, winding-ups etc.

In our usual custom of providing you with premium and qualitative insights and overview of the state of the Nigerian M&A and private equity market in 2023, we have carefully curated this report where we discussed key macroeconomics indicators, highlighted significant developments in the regulation of the market, enumerated key market activities, analyzed cogent and knotty issues of law witnessed in the course of 2023 and provided foresight for 2024 by anticipating industry trends before they unfold.

We accordingly invite you to join us on this voyage as we uncover and navigate the state of the M&A and private equity market in Nigeria.

Click here to access the Report.


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