Nigeria Law in Review – 2023 Wrap-Up

2023 was a pivotal year for Nigeria’s legal and regulatory landscape, marked by the election and inauguration of a new president and parliamentarians. Our report examines the key bills that became law in 2023, highlighting their implications for various sectors.

We scrutinized laws such as the Business Facilitation Act 2023, Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation Act 2023 (which we drafted), Finance Act 2023, and Electricity Act 2023. These laws are poised to improve the business environment, enhance deposit insurance efficiency, reform tax policies, and advance the power sector.

Additionally, we analyzed the Copyright Act 2023 and the Nigeria Data Protection Act 2023 (which we drafted). The former expands intellectual property rights to include digital content, while the latter introduces crucial data protection and privacy provisions, aligning with international standards.

Our review also covers laws on constitutional matters, dispute resolution, healthcare and welfare. This year, 2024, we remain committed to monitoring legislative developments and their impact on Nigeria’s legal framework.

Access our full report below


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