OALP Dispute Resolution Wrap-Up 2022 and 2023 Outlook 

In 2022, the dispute resolution space, as with other sectors in Nigeria returned to a semblance of normalcy after reeling from the inimical impact of COVID-19 as Nigerian Courts fully returned to physical sittings, though virtual sittings continue to be part of our judicial system. Indeed, it was a remarkable year in the dispute resolution space in Nigeria and globally, as we witnessed notable judicial pronouncements and enactment of statutory instruments which have significant impact on domestic and international dispute settlements.

We envisage that these decisions and instruments would continue to shape dispute settlements in this new year, 2023 and beyond. We therefore with much gusto present the Dispute Resolution 2022 Wrap-Up and 2023 Outlook which examines these decisions as well as highlight our projections for 2023


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