OALP Oil & Gas 2022 Wrap Up Report and 2023 Forward Look

As we approach the end of Q1 2023, we present to you, our Wrap Up Report and Forward Look which highlights some of the key events which shaped the oil and gas industry in 2022, and how they impacted and continue to impact on the oil and gas industry in 2023.

This report spans both international events such as the impact of the Russian-Ukraine war, the rebound in global crude oil prices and the evolving energy transition debate, as well as domestic events in Nigeria including the unveiling of NNPC Limited, the discovery of oil in commercial quantities in the northern part of the country and activities trailing the change in the legal and regulatory regime in the Nigerian oil and gas sector. 2023 promises to be even no less eventful, as activities in the oil and gas sector continue to be shaped by local, regional and global trends.

Like our 2021 report, we hope you will find this to be an enjoyable and enlightening read as we will continue to be your go-to resource for updates on some of these key events.


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