OALP Power & Infrastructure 2022 Wrap Up Report and 2023 Outlook

As we embark on the second quarter of 2023, the Power & Infrastructure Practice at OALP is proud to unveil its wrap up report for the year 2022 and outlook for the year 2023.

The past year proved to be a significant one in the Nigerian power and infrastructure sector as the sector saw defining projects and key events that shaped the industry, which we have already started seeing a continuing trend of in 2023.
The wrap up report highlights some of the trends, legislative and regulatory developments, influential judicial pronouncements, and industry growth experienced over the course of 2022. It examines landmark breakthroughs in infrastructure development across Nigeria as well as laudable projects in the power sector.

The report, which should be of interest to industry stakeholders and enthusiasts alike, also provides an outlook for the year 2023 as the impact of the regulatory and transaction developments of 2022 unfold


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