Olaniwun Ajayi Advises the Energy Company of the Future in Connection with Powering the Pioneer and Largest Brewery Company in Nigeria with 100% Renewable Energy

Olaniwun Ajayi LP (OALP or the Firm) proudly announces its advisory role to Konexa for the development, construction, and financing of a renewable energy project. This project aims to supply 100% renewable energy to two brewery sites of Nigeria Breweries PLC (NBP), the pioneer and largest brewery company in Nigeria.

Aligned with Konexa’s commitment to transforming Nigeria’s energy system and advancing sustainable energy, the project seeks to hasten Nigeria’s progress towards net zero emissions by 2060, as outlined in the Nigerian Energy Transition Plan. It also marks a shift from a predominantly fossil fuel-based power sector to one powered by renewable energy. The project anticipates a reduction of around 78,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

Upon completion, the project will edge Nigeria closer to carbon neutrality by fostering energy conservation, reducing energy costs, and cutting carbon emissions from fossil fuel usage. This transformative initiative not only aids in integrating renewable energy into the national grid but also plays an essential role in decarbonizing the commercial and industrial sectors. It promises to deliver the stable electricity these sectors need to drive economic growth and productivity.

Olaniwun Ajayi is honoured to be part of this landmark project from inception, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Konexa in its vision to transform the power sector in Nigeria and serve all customers with 24/7 clean energy.


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