Ibrahim has over three decades of service in the Nigerian Airforce where he accumulated extensive experience advising the Military on legal issues, including: military contracting; litigation; procurement; and general legal and regulatory advisory. He also served as a prosecutor in several high profile cases against high ranking servicemen, as well as a defence counsel at General Court Martials, during the early 1990.


Retaining the hats of lawyer and serviceman, He was: a member of the National Committee on Corruption and Economic Crimes that drafted the law for the establishment of the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission; a member of the committee for the review of the Armed Forces Act; pioneer legal adviser to the Nigerian Air Force Foundation; Chairman of the Military Law Forum of the Nigerian Bar Association, among others.


He is also a recipient of the Meritorious Service Star (MSS), the Forces Service Star (FSS), and the Forces Service Star (FSS)

  • A graduate of the Bayero University Kano (LL.B); Command and Staff College, Jaji;

  • The Nigerian Law School, Lagos; the National Defence College, Abuja;

  • The University of Ibadan (MS.C, Strategic Studies)

  • He combines his legal expertise with his strategic training, thereby bringing a unique perspective to the delivery of legal advisory services.

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