Olufolajimi is an Associate in the firm. He is a 2019 Scholar of the Nigerian Higher Education Foundation (NHEF).

  • B.L – Nigerian Law School
  • LL.B, University of Lagos
  • The Role of Law and Governance in Advancing Climate Resilience and Climate Justice, Pretoria Student Law Review (2019) Volume 13, p. 163
  • Do African Countries Benefit from the International Criminal Court? UNILAG Law Review (2019) Volume 3 Edition 2, p. 146
  • Alert or Alarm: Nigeria‚Äôs Population Projection and Meeting Family Planning Needs ISBN:978-978-966-977-6 (2018)
  • An Effective Tax System Promotes Transparency and Accountability, The Tax Anthology (2018) Volume 3, p. 102

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